37 Grooming Tips for Men

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  1. It is important to shave every day, if you are keeping a clean shave and want to look fresh. This will demonstrate that you come to office prepared and ready to take new challenges.
  2. If you are carrying a mustaches or a beard, it should be neat and clean, and trimmed every week. Keep such tasks for the weekend, and make it a habit!
  3. The hairstyle you keep should reflect your personality and they should be kept neat and clean.
  4. Your hair should be cut much higher from the back of your shirt collar.
  5. Side burns, nose hair and hair that peep out from ear should be kept well trimmed, and this also should be a part of your weekly list of Things-to-Do!
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  1. When dressing up formal, always remember dark colored suits carry more authority than light colored. The most suitable colors are Navy blue, Dark blue, Gray, Charcoal Gray and Black.Very thin Pin-Stripes and Solid Colors are perfect if Pin-Stripes are much appreciated, if very thin and giving a tone on tone effect, that means not loud at all.
  2. With Dark Colored Suit, a light colored shirt is preferred, of your choice of solid color, horizontal stripes or vertical stripes, but should not be too loud.
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  1. The tie should uplift the whole look of your suit. Be very sophisticated and wise when chosing the right color and shade. The width of Tie should be approximately equal to the Notch Collar / Lapel of the Suit Jacket.
  2. The Tie should be long enough, that the tip of Tie should be touching the Top of Belt and the Back Tail of the Tie should be tucked-in properly.
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  1. Buy Lace-up Cap Toe shoes, are the best with Wing Tips, best colors are Black or Brown in 100% leather.
  2. Always wear Brown Belt with Brown Shoes
  3. The color of Socks should be same as of Trousers, to avoid creating a big gap in between Trousers and Shoes. Or simply wear Black Socks with Black Shoes for Dark Color Trousers.
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  1. Always wear very light perfumes, which should be enough only for you. Don’t wear very loud Colognes, remember, your fragrance is only to keep you charming and fresh, it’s not for others. They will take care of themselves.
  2. I like, Euphoria by Calvin Klein, Clinique Happy, Jean Paul Gaultier and Ralph Lauren Black

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